UAB Blastera is specialized on environmental technologies equipment trading and service, for the disposal of waste water treatment, transportation (pumping) and cleaning.

We are exclusive importer of Secoh oilless diaphragm linear pumps for the territory of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We also represent environmental technologies equipment distributed by Bibus AG and other products like:

Secoh - diaphragm blowers

Jager - aeration elements

Gast – compressors

Esam - side channel blowers

Yamada – diaphragm pumps

Aquaflex - diffusers and components of aeration systems

Emmecom - blowers

HK - trolling motors

Our service:

  • Consulting on equipment selection and installation (in ponds, pools, aquariums, and waste water treatment plants for aeration) issues.
  • We perform installation, supply of spare parts for environmental technologies equipment.
  • Warranty and after-warranty equipment service and maintenance.